About Us

Neugent's Sole (Pronounced New-gent) was started with a pure passion for shoes. After having my daughter April 2015, I was determined not to go back to my job of two and a half years. I honestly did not enjoy my job, so why go back? July 2015 I quit!

A few months passed and I was determined to start a home based business. Anybody that knows me knows I absolutely love shoes. After a phone conversation with my mom the idea of a shoe business came to mind. I ran the idea by my husband, got his support, and then Neugent's Sole was created.

Neugent's Sole was launched online November 2015. Now I have a reason to shop for shoes 24/7.

Neugent's Sole offers cute, quality shoes at affordable prices. I take pride in picking each and every pair to ensure that our customers get high quality shoes at competitive prices. We seriously have the best prices on the internet. We truly eat, sleep, and breathe shoes. So shop Neugent's Sole, where you can always find your SOLE-mate!